2 London Football Clubs To Follow

London is blessed with many great Football clubs, clubs with history, success, and prestige. Choosing just two of the best is not an easy task! However, being as biased as we are(We love Arsenal), we have our two top Football recommendations for London, with reasons why. Happy Following!


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Champions on 13 occasions with unique achievements, have held modern records especially in 2003-2004 season where thy went the whole season without loosing a match. Just like Tottenham, Arsenal has also won the double i.e. league and cup in same season and this time not just once but three times, in 1971, 1998 and 2002.
Being a professional football club, Arsenal was the first club from the southern regions of England to join the football league in the year 1893, made it to the first division in 1904 and maintained the longest back to back winning in the top division in 1913. A star Herbert Chapman won arsenals first national trophies even though they had come out top of the table, winning five leagues and two FA cups, two Championships (after the war). Making it Five league tittles and five FA cups, completing the 20th century with the highest league position.
Herbert Chapman introduced WM formation, Floodlights and Shirt numbers, an innovation that is still acceptable in todays soccer. Arsene Wenger managed led Arsenal in winning 7 FA cups and is the longest serving manager. Apart from being called “gooners” they also were called “the invincibles” when they went unbeaten in 49 games between 2003 and 2004.
Arsenal according to fan base tops Chelsea and is 5th largest in the whole world. But they are the ninth in terms of rankings for highest-earning football club in the world.


West Ham United


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West Ham United football club also known as “hammers” by fans is based in Stratford and was formed on 1895. West Ham before joining the football league completed the southern and western league and also took part in the first FA cup Final against Bolton Wanderers held in Wembley. They are three times winner of the same FA Cup in 1964, 1975 and 1985 and runner ups in 1923 and 2006.
West Hams United Players were considered the stars for England’s Triumph in 1966 World Cup as both goal scorers and England’s Captain Bobby Moore of West Ham.
Currently, West Ham competes at the Premier league levels and are rivalries to other London Clubs like Tottenham Hotspur. One of their biggest transfer fee paid was 45 million Euros to Eintracht Frankfurt for Sabastein Haller in July 2019 and is currently owned by an Icelandic consortium after a sale in 2006.


So, there we have it. These are our 2 top recommendations if you want to find 2 London Football clubs to follow(Sorry Spurs fans!)

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