The 4 Biggest Brands of 2020

Few Surprises Now The Results Are In!




When it comes to the 4 Biggest Brands of 2020, most of the basic commercial needs of today are covered. Whether you are filling up your petrol or gas tank, of going online, there will be no surprises as to which brands came out on top. Leading the way, is unsurprisingly technology. The Tech Giants have, and continue to experience, massive growth. The effects of Covid-19 have meant that areas such as online retailing, marketing, and software development, have experienced forward trajectory when other businesses have hit the wall. Check out the blog piece below for the details:




What Is The Most Valuable Brand in 2020?




It depends on how you measure it....

Coming in at number one for 2020( for market cap), was, unsurprisingly, Apple. They recorded a market cap of a whopping $1.9 Trillion.

They are most famous as being purveyors of iPhones, iMacs, and all the i's there are. Hailing out of Cupertino, United States, they are a global giant of consumable technology. Currently, at time of printing, their share price sits at $139 USD, that's each share!

If your yardstick is market cap, then the winner is Apple, however, if you go by brand value, then the winner is Amazon with a value(approx) of $221 billions USD!



What Is The BIGGEST Brand In The World 2020?



Of course, measurements differ. We looked at the most valuable brand in 2020. However, for the biggest brand in the World 2020, the results change somewhat. So, here are the winners in order for Biggest is Best:

  1. Amazon
  2. Google
  3. Apple
  4. Microsoft

Obviously, the sector of technology still leads the way. However, the deck chairs are somewhat rearranged here with Amazon still ahead, but Google now entering the fray at number 2.



What Is The Richest Clothing Brand?



With such a dominance from the technology sector, it is easy to forget that other sectors, such as clothing, also represent some of the biggest brands of 2020. You may wonder, for instance, what is the richest clothing brand? The answer to this, apparently is the Gap.

With a value of $15.65 Billion, Gap falls well behind the value of the Tech giants, yet, clothes are an equally important sector of life, and Gap currently leads the way!



So, There You Have The 4 Biggest Brands of 2020!

4 Biggest Brands of 2020

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