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Need To Be Found When Someone Searches ‘local businesses near me’? Our UK business directory can help:


What is a UK business directory? Our UK local listings pages are premium sites for UK businesses that  provide local businesses the opportunity to increase their online presence in a community of their peers.

That is exactly what makes our business listings so successful. It brings together businesses from the same area, so that local residents can find, compare, and review the best local businesses near them.
Or UK local business directory doesn’t just cover London. It covers England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. As such, it is not just a London business directory, it is a Scotland business directory, a Wales business directory, and an Northern Ireland local business guide.

Our UK Business Directory offers your business the best in online marketing in London UK.

Not only do we offer superior directory listings for local UK businesses, but we also offer SEO packed premium listings at fantastic prices!

Categories That We Cover

When you list your local business with us, you will find that our selection of categories will cover just about every kind of UK trades and services in our local directory. For instance, we are also a London Business Directory, a Manchester Business Directory, and a Birmingham business directory!

How To Add Your Local Trade or Service To Our Uk Business Listings Site

Adding your business to our UK local business listings site couldn’t be easier. Simply click on “Add Listing” at the top of this page, and complete your listing details. You will need to register a valid email address, and password, but the rest is very straight forward. Please bear in mind that we only list businesses that actually have a physical location. This means that if you are running an online business, you will need to provide your office, or warehouse address in order to get registered.

You may wonder: What will I get for a Premium Listing? This is a good question.

For as little as 99 pounds per year(plus appropriate taxes and fees), you will get a personalized profile page for your business. In addition, you will be able to submit as many professional articles as you like, to our blog. These are excellent ways to drive traffic to your website.

Our Premium liisting also contains a great link to your website, internal pages, and products. This means that you will get fantastic SEO benefits to your site. But wait! There’s more! We will also list your business in the following directories:

Exclusions From Our UK Business Directory

As part of our non-discrimination policy, we don’t allow certain listings. For instance, we don’t allow advertisements for religious or political entities. In addition, we do not allow images, text, or graphics that promote any kind of sexual orientation or lifestyle.

More terms and conditions can be found on the page of the same name. In addition, we do not sell any information, or collect any information, other than that which is provided by you.

So, when you wish to get your London business to more clients in the city and surrounds, Contact Us. Our FREE listing will get more traffic to your business, and our Paid Listings will do this plus, help your own website to rank higher on local London search engine listings.

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Stanpost has the aim of becoming the best UK local business directory. To that end, please list your local businesses here. We want as many local businesses listed here as possible, so that we can give your neighbours the best local choices when it comes to buying local.

As well, as being a UK directory, and a UK news site, we also operate local directory pages for local towns, and cities, such as Blackburn, Birmingham, and Manchester. So, we are truly bringing local businesses to you, enabling you to make a choice about businesses that are important for your local community.

So, what are you waiting for? Together we can make the go-to choice for local businesses in any area of the UK.

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