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London, the capital of England, is known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. If you’ve ever made your bucket list, visiting London must’ve been on top of the list. Maybe, that is the reason you’re reading this, to try to find 5 great places to visit in London.

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5 Great Places to Visit in London

Planning your holidays? Well, here are 5 great places to visit in London:

Buckingham Palace

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Just 1.6 miles away from City Centre is the building that most typifies what London stands for, Buckingham palace. Here, you can also witness the popular and historic display, famous the world over, the Changing of the Guard.
Buckingham palace was built in the year 1837 and since then, it’s been the residence of the Royal family. if you are visiting here on a special event, you might also have the opportunity of a glimpse of the Royal family on the central balcony of the palace.
When the Queen is away from the Palace, you can purchase tickets for the Royal News tour, State Room tour and the Queen’s Gallery tour.
The best way to see the beauty of one of this most historic building in London is to attend a 4.5-hour long Buckingham Palace and Guard changing ceremony lead by a peaceful afternoon tea session.
The guide for the tour is someone that you will find knowledgeable and makes the whole palace-visiting tour more relevant and enjoyable.

Piccadilly Circus

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Piccadilly Circus is among the two most-famous tourist spots and is located at London’s entertainment and live theatre district. It is just 1.2 miles away from the City centre. Piccadilly Circus, also known as main London circle is very close to all the shopping malls and entertainment areas in the West End. It is renowned for its huge neon displays, the Shaftesbury memorial statue and its fountain.

National Gallery

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One of the top art museums of the world, this art gallery is situated just 0.9 miles away from the City centre. It displays a huge collection of European paintings from year 1260 to 1920.
If you are visiting the National art gallery of London, do not forget to capture the highlights of the museum with some memorable photos, some of these highlights you’ll want to capture are the cartoon sketches of Madonna, the Child by Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli’s Venus and Mars, Van Gogh’s sunflowers, Michelangelo’s Entombment, and Monet’s Water Lily Pond.

Tate Modern

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At the Tate Gallery, just 0.5 miles away from City Center, you will come across the Tate Britain and Tate modern. It is established at the Northern side of River Thames and displays a national collection of British Art since the year 1897.
If you are an art lover, you can spend whole day visiting the art galleries known as the ‘ Tate British’ and ‘Tate modern’. However, you would have to take a high-speed ferry ride to make the journey from the Tate Modern to the Tate British galleries.

Camden Market

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With over 1000 plus retail shops, cafes and restaurants adjoined, Camden market is one of the most famous markets for tourists as well as for locals. It is located in Camden town, just 2.6 miles away from the city centre.
The whole market usually opens on Sundays and Saturday but some traders operate there throughout the week. So, if you are exited to see art crafts after a tiring week in London, do not forget to visit Camden Lock.


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