3 things you should know about Heathrow Airport


There is no doubt that Heathrow Airport I the busiest airport in the UK. Apart from being the busiest, Heathrow has many other specialties. This iconic airport started its life back in 1929. A major revamp (an expansion) started in 1944 and the main purpose of that revamp is to enable the airport to handle military flights that fly long-distances. However, at the end of the war, the authorities wanted to convert it into a commercial airport. With that said, let’s take a look at 03 important things you should know about this world-renowned airport.


Astonishing numbers

The massive size of the airport is truly amazing. Heathrow Airport occupies almost 1230 hectares. There are four passenger terminal and one cargo terminal included in this great airport. It comprises of two runaways and serves more than 80 airlines. Here are some statistics about it.

  • It has more than 475000 annual air transport movements.
  • More than 1300 air transport movements per day.
  • More than 80 million passengers annually.
  • Almost 220000 daily average.

So, that explains how popular and important this airport.


Wonderful arrival

When you arrive at the gate of Heathrow airport, you can enjoy a very interesting feeling. It makes you feel very special even if there is no one to accompany you. In fact, Heathrow was a part of the movie ‘Love Actually’ and that movie showed the footage of actual passengers who reunite with their loved ones. The opening scene of the movie itself explains the specialty and the atmosphere of this wonderful airport.


As a traveler, you will find it very special about Heathrow due to its very calm, orderly and non-chaotic welcoming methods. When you get out of the plane, there will be well-dressed, pleasant and helpful professionals to give you a warm welcome. They also offer excellent food and moving walkaways pretty much everywhere within the airport. Moreover, it has fast security lines as well. If you have traveled to different parts of the world, you can easily notice a significant difference between the other airports and Heathrow. Despite the massive size of the airport, their entire operation is very fast and convenient for any traveler. The cleanliness of the airport is so impressive even if the massive crowd is moving through it.


Four terminals

There are four terminals located in Heathrow Airport. Terminal one is dedicated to handling all the domestic flights (that means, a large number of UK airlines use this terminal). Terminal two is dedicated to the carriers that are non-UK. Terminal 03 handles the long-haul US flights. Last but not least, the fourth terminal handles mostly the long-haul flights that are linked to British Airways. Also, it handles some flights related to other European countries.


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