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If you are looking for a first rate directory where listing your business search results in the best local business placements in search engines, then our UK business directory should be the first choice to get your business on a list of local businesses. Make us your first choice for 'local businesses near me'.

At Stanpost, we have created a business directory where you can add your business and business information across a wide range of categories. Your submission will be optimised for the best digital marketing criteria, so that it will rank well in whatever search engine you check.

So, when you are looking to find business listing sites that will help you find more clients, find or search your way to Stanpost, the home of British companies. There you will find many British companies that are genuinely local companies, who know the best place for clients to search for their products or services.

Free UK Business Directory

It is true that there are a lot of directory submission sites, so why should you list your business with us? The reason is that many free uk business directories are rarely seen, as a business directory such as yellow pages would be. Business owners need to know that their business will be seen by a wide range of local clients.

We also have a genuine free business directory section, where your contact details will be be easily seen and available. We aim to offer local businesses a genuinely free business listing in our search submission site. The amount of information that can be included, such as the description, will often be larger than other local business directory choices, such as yellow pages.

Yes, Stanpost is a a premium free directory choice amongst a sea of free business directories because it is an online business directory that is primarily based in, and with people who truly run a UK DIRECTORY.

What Do UK business directories bring to your business?

It is true that you can use a great amount of uk directories out there, however many of them cater for large, international businesses or websites. Some larger entities, such as google my business and yellow pages do have content optimised to make their business listings more local in focus. However, they may not a truly local uk business listing site, or they may not offer a free business option for your online business.

Stanpost was created with local uk businesses in mind. We are an online business directory where your online business can appear alongside local businesses that are genuinely close to your location. We also welcome any sized business, making us a valuable uk small business directory for your business profile in the United Kingdom.

Why A Paid Online Directory For Local Businesses?

Nearly all online directories offer a subscription search link service for your website listings. Even Google will offer you seo services through a top search placement, where your company can get listed ahead of other websites.

These are fantastic ways to search for more customers as they are the best way to reach google page one. However, as with all things the price can become an issue, especially when the price is judged by the number of clicks that you will get.

Because we live in challenging times, you want to submit your website to an online business directory which offers the best services for the best price. In addition, you will occasionally need help, so that your website reaches the maximum number of customers. When you are listed with us, customers will find your company easily because we offer tags, images, and links that help them in their search for a company that is local to them. You will find that our search function is easy to use, and helpful to customers.



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